Top 5 Must Have Apps for Sports Lovers

To go along with the meteoric rise of smartphones, there has been an avalanche of apps that have made their way into the various App stores. From food delivery to sports news, there is almost nothing that an app can’t do for you now a days. But making a choice out of so many potential apps can be confusing- that’s why we made today’s article where we pick the top 5 apps for Sport Lovers.


The most followed and probably even played game in the whole word is football or as it is more commonly known in the US- soccer. Now there are more than a hundred football leagues around the world and having an app that can cover all of them is downright impossible. But the ESPN app here does a pretty good job with keeping up with most of the football games around the world.

Other than the popular EPL, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga and Champions League; it also tracks MLS games which means that this app is a one stop shop for everything related to football.

2. Cricbuzz

Turning away from football for a moment, we have yet another sport that has followers scattered pretty much all around the globe- yes, we’re talking about cricket. Originating from England, cricket is a game that has spread throughout the CommonWealth. Cricket fanatics are diehard fans of the sport and love to keep abreast of every little thing that goes in and around the sport. Cricbuzz is the perfect app for that with a healthy blend of domestic and international fixtures and scores that comes along with ball by ball commentary and sports news, views and

3. Tennis 24

Tennis comes in 3rd in terms of popularity around the world so we decided that we wouldn’t be doing justice to all the fans of this beautiful sport if we didn’t include a dedicated app for the sport! There are a lot of tennis apps out there, but few are as beautifully designed as Tennis 24! The interface is slick, there are a whole host of tournaments including ATP and WTP tours that the app keeps live updates on and the best feature is the in depth breakdown of every match that this app provides.

4. Sports Betting Apps

Most of us sports fanatics spend every bit of spare time in our day researching and reading up on our favourite teams and sports. Howl about converting all that time and effort spent researching and debating into some actual money? Well now you can! Now we didn’t end up suggesting a particular app because all of them offer bets on different sports so you can pick and choose which one you like.

A good place to start is the Betstar mobile app but if you want to look at other reliable online sports betting apps we suggest you check bettingtop10 out!

5. Google Now

Now while most of the apps on this list hone in on only one sport, Google Now or the Google app as it is now known, helps you keep abreast of almost all the scores no matter what the league or sport is. While Google Assistant is the best way to quickly ask a sport related query and get an instant answer, the real power of Google can be felt when you get into customising your Sports related cards. From Soccer to Hockey and everything in between, Google keeps a tab on every major sporting events around the world and can even push you a handy score card for every game. This is what we like to call a complete package!
Well that about wraps it up from us1 Do you guys feel like we missed out on any one of your favourite sports apps? Let us know in the comments down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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