Top 5 Essential Android Apps You Must Have

Android-powered smartphones have grown very strong in the market today. This popularity is duly justified since Android smartphones are just as good as or even better than other mobile software available.


Smartphones are made even better when the right apps or applications are downloaded and installed. It does not matter if you have opted for HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony or other brands, there are certainly a couple of apps to make your user experience get to the next level. This article focuses on the top 5 android apps, which are considered essential to any android-powered smartphone. Interested? Keep reading.


The Top 5 Must-Have Android Apps


Launcher Pro – This is a great looking app with basic function and design, and it definitely enhances any android phone. The app is an alternative launcher that can be seen through the customized dock bar. Its main function is to launch apps. However, this is not the only function that the Launcher Pro has. With a renovated home screen, the Launcher Pro also allows widget download. These widgets are efficient and can look great since these are available in different skins. For a better experience, you can get the pro version for $3.49.


Beautiful Widgets – One of the best features that android-powered phones offer is the personalization of the interface. With that said, the Beautiful Widgets take center stage. This app allows users to install various home screen widgets for different functions. These widgets are customizable, which means you can edit the look and feel of your own home screen. For example, clock and weather screens for beginners make the home screen immediately feel like your own when customized. There are even live wallpapers that change depending on the time and weather conditions. You can get the free version or enjoy the full features for $1.99.


Amazon MP3 – Everyone loves listening to their favorite music. The Amazon MP3 app is a free application that allows users to download free music to their Android phones. However, it is made even better since it is now formally a cloud music playing system. The MP3 player is a favorite, and it is available with the affordable album promos in the Amazon music store. The Amazon MP3’s cloud drive has become a must-have app since you can now have a music library of your own, upload it and enjoy streaming on any Android app powered smartphone or computer.


Dolphin Browser HD – There are plenty of web browser apps for android smart phones out there. However, the one most recommended is the Dolphin Browser HD. It allows users to view web pages in their perfect form. The app also has a bookmark system just like the ones in any browser on your computer. There is also a plug-in system allowing easy operation. There is a free version, but to get full features, the Pro version can be yours for $4.99.


Multi-icon Widget – There is only so much information that can be placed on a standard mobile screen. Most of the time users require more space on their screen for their important apps. The multi-icon widget allows 4 app icons in the space usually occupied by one.


You can make your android-powered smartphone efficient and uniquely your own by downloading these recommended 5 apps. Level up your mobile user experience.


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