How to Root Any HTC Device in One Click

A lot of Android users like to root their devices in order to make the most of it. From getting rid of default apps to customizing its appearance, rooting comes with tons of benefits. Now, you can root any HTC device with just one-click by taking the assistance of a reliable tool. In this informative post, we will provide a stepwise tutorial to root any HTC device with no data loss. Let’s get it started with!

Why should you root your HTC device?

If you own an HTC Android device, then you should think of rooting it in order to attain its maximum potential. Following are some of the common benefits of rooting an Android device:
⦁ Access more apps: You can get an unmatched access to blocked content and apps after rooting the device. It also allows you to download apps from any third-party source.
⦁ Block in-app ads: After rooting your device, you can have an ad-free experience.
⦁ Flash Custom ROMs: It also allows us to personalize our smartphone at a low-level by flashing custom ROM and kernel.
⦁ Uninstall crapware: Make more free space on your device by getting rid of all the preinstalled and unwanted apps.
⦁ Boost its performance: You can enhance the overall performance of your device as well by manually allocating the space and making the needed changes.
⦁ Access blocked features: Not just apps, you can also access several blocked features on your device like slow-mo videos, NFC payments, and more.

Preparations for rooting an HTC device

Rooting is a highly sophisticated process and you should be aware of all the prerequisites beforehand. Therefore, you should follow these suggestions before you root any HTC device:
⦁ Take a backup of your device: If the rooting process is halted in between or won’t yield the desired results, then your data might be lost forever. We recommend using dr.fone Android Backup & Restore to keep your data safe before you proceed.
⦁ Charge your device: Your phone should be charged at least 60% to ensure a smooth process.
⦁ Double-check the USB connection: Only use an authentic USB cable and make sure that the port and the cable are working.
⦁ Have the latest drivers: To complete the rooting process successfully, you should have the latest drivers related to your HTC device.
⦁ Enable USB Debugging: In order to root an Android device, the feature of USB Debugging should be enabled. Firstly, go to Settings > About Phone > Build number and tap it 7 times to turn on Developer Options. Later, you can go to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging and turn it on.
⦁ Use a reliable tool: Most importantly, don’t go with any run of the mill tool that can harm your HTC device while rooting. We recommend using dr.fone Android Root, which provides a safe and reliable solution. The tool is freely available and also has an option to un-root your device (and clean the root access entirely) if the device was originally rooted by dr.fone.

How to root HTC with dr.fone – Android Root?

If you are looking for a 100% safe and secure tool to root your HTC device, then you should give dr.fone Android Root a try. It is a freely available tool, so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money to root your HTC device. Furthermore, you don’t have to lose the warranty on your device while using dr.fone Android Root. If you have rooted your phone with dr.fone, then it also provides an easy solution to unroot it and remove the root access.
Without experiencing any data loss, you would be able to root your HTC device and that too with a single click. You can find an extensive guide to root any HTC device with dr.fone Android Root as well. It is compatible with more than 7000 devices, including all the leading HTC phones. You can also learn how to root any HTC device in one-click using dr.fone Android Root by following these steps:
⦁ To start with, download dr.fone Android Root on your system. The Windows desktop application is freely available and works on all the major version of the operating system.
⦁ After launching the application, you can select the “Root” feature. You can find it listed under the “More Tools” option.
⦁ As you would get the following prompt, connect your HTC device to your system using an authentic USB cable. Make sure you have met all the prerequisites beforehand.
⦁ After connecting the device to the system, it will automatically be recognized by the application. In this way, the tool will make the device ready for the rooting process.
⦁ Once it is done, you will get the following window. Simply click on the “Root Now” to initiate the rooting operation.
⦁ Wait for a while as dr.fone Android Root will perform the needed steps to root your device. Make sure that your device stays connected to the system during the process.
⦁ It will automatically be restarted once it is rooted. Also, you will get the following congratulatory message on the screen after when your device would be rooted successfully.
That’ it! Now, you can disconnect your device safely from the system and use it the way you like.
As you can see, by taking the assistance of dr.fone Android Root, you would be able to root any HTC device in one-click. It is a 100% safe solution as your data won’t be lost during the process. It won’t access your data as well or cause any unwanted damage to the device’s firmware. The best part is that it is a freely available solution and also provides a hassle-free way to revoke the root access. With so many features, dr.fone Android Root is certainly a must-have tool for every Android user. Go ahead and give it a try to unleash the true potential of your device without any trouble.

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