Major Trends of Smartphone Apps Development in Upcoming Days

The continued growth of smartphone usage and ever increasing demand for mobile apps have inspired many companies to be poised for booming smartphone application development market. The smartphone models available in market today combines the functions of PDA (personal digital assistant) and mobile phones with GPS navigation, camera, high-resolution touch screen, mobile broadband and Wi-Fi access. There are many leading brands in the market providing different operating systems that can be installed on wide range of mobile devices. Today’s smartphone devices contain API (Application Programming Interface) to run third-party applications.

As per the market survey, the major future trends for smartphone apps development are as follows:


GPS service: GPS or Global Positioning System has earned much popularity as convenient transport guide and map service. GPS not only helps the travelers to reach their destination in easiest way but also offers a wide range of services, like providing information about local hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and other important places nearby.

Open source platforms: Smartphone applications are mostly open source these days. This makes them easily accessible to number of users. Open data strategy is encouraging for the third party apps developers to innovate newer applications. However, the future smartphones should be designed to balance between media function, personal applications and business tools.

Enhancing basic communication: Most of the smartphone owners use the device mainly for voice calls, text messaging and e-mail communications. Majority of the users apprehend that basic communication service will increase in the upcoming years. Access to internet, e-mails and social networking sites will drive the trend.

Easy and secure services: Consumers use smartphone apps for various purposes like making online purchases, travel booking, finance managing and many more. Security and privacy should be the main concern for this type of application services. The aim is to develop applications that are easy to use and fully protected against malicious software.

Apps in healthcare domain: Today new ideas for apps development are brewing in the healthcare domain. There are already some apps that provide information about pollen levels in air or the local doctors, hospitals, emergency care and healthcare services. It is also possible to make an appointment with a doctor or search for the best doctor in a particular area. Future apps aim at providing physiological and pathological testing services. Though successful development of these types of smartphone apps depends on the phone’s hardware, there is no doubt about their huge potential.

3D cameras: Leading smartphone companies are paying a lot in the research and development of the apps that have realistic features. Google Goggles is one such example, which has revolutionized the concept of human ability to visualize and represent the world. Next generation apps take advantages of the unique sensors on networks and devices, including multiple microphones and 3D cameras.

Speech recognition: This is another new feature to be added in upcoming smartphone apps. Speech recognition has an incredible power to make life easy. The user can talk to a device that is without screen but has voice user interface and can write mails and messages without typing anything. This amazing application is most likely to gain high popularity among evry smartphone user.

The greatest potential in new generation apps lies in those that are able to predict the user’s needs before they actually ask for. Future trend of mobile apps is to make life easier by providing them with many facilities, such as directions to destinations, buying gifts and other necessary things, taking appointment from a doctor, plan a trip and many more. New generation apps should be smart enough to analyze the users choice and requirements and suggest them what to do next. In short, smartphone applications in upcoming days will utilize latest technologies to the fullest for providing the users with better lifestyle.

Smartphone applications are improving everyday and touching almost every sector of life. Future trends of the smartphone apps include more realistic and user-friendly features to make the users lives easier.

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