How To Install Android 4.4 Kitkat Launcher On Any Android Smartphone

Android 4.4 Kitkat is out on Nexus 5. As we know what’s new on Android 4.4 Kitkat, everyone is looking forward to get Android 4.4 kitkat on their smartphone. So do I. Thanks to the xda developers who has extracted Android 4.4 Kitkat launcher from the latest Nexus 5. You can now try Android 4.4 KitKat launcher in any device with Android 4.1.2 OS and above. Bear in mind, you may see compatibility issue or force close because the kitkat launcher here is not official for your devices. Great news is that some of you has been tested the launcher and confirmed to be working on specific OS and specific device. Your device warranty may void with any mod. Check your devices warranty’s term conditions before start. Nexus 4 users are in luck as Google will be officially rolling out 4.4 very soon but what about the rest of us that aren’t rocking a Nexus. It will be an easy couple of months before OEMs begin seeding this to their flagship handsets and God knows how long before it trickles even further down. Rather than ditch your ROM for custom 4.4 builds, there’s a quicker and safer option to satiate your sweet tooth


Before You Begin:

  • Works in any device using Android 4.2 and higher.
  • Enable USB Debugging in your Android device. Click Here if you don’t know how to enable.
  • Make sure your device is charged more than 50%

Download Required Files:

How To Install Android Kitkat Launcher:

  • Download the Android Kitkat Launcher zip file in your computer.
  • Unzip the zip file and you will get three files in it.(GoogleHome.apk,PrebuiltGmsCore.apk,Velvet.apk)
  • Copy all this apk file in your device’s memory card or in internal memory.
  • Open your device Settings>Security & Privacy> Allow Unknown Sources installation in your device.
  • Now open the folder where all three apk file are copied.
  • Install Velvet.apk file first in your device.After successful installation
  • Now install PrebuiltGmsCore.apk in your device.
  • In last install GoogleHome.apk file in your device.

Congrats…Android Kitkat Launcher is successfully installed in your device…Enjoy 😀

12 Responses

  1. Faizan

    Hello Sourya !! I wanna Ask that it can be install on Nokia X , Xl , X+ Or X2?

  2. karthik

    can i upgrade xolo q1000 which is rooted and runs on jelly bean 4.2.1 to kit kat using your methods mentioned above

    • Sourya Kharb

      This method is not about upgrading device to Android Kitkat sir. It’s about installing Android 4.4 launcher only in a Jellybean running smartphone.

      • karthik

        thnkz fo d info ….but is dr any way i can put kitkat into it …if dr is indeed a way plz do lemme me know

  3. Ary

    hi Sourya, after i installing this to my nokia xl. why always show alert “Google Play Services has stopped”? do you why?

    • Sourya Kharb

      Hello Ary,
      I don’t know why this is happening with your device. But try this and reply back
      Go to Settings > Applications > All Applications (You’ll see all installed apps there), Tap on menu button and you’ll see some options there select Reset All Apps something select it and then try again to open it.

  4. Dutt Sharma

    Hi Sourya,

    I tried upgrading my Karbonn A111 as per your instruction. I copied the files provided by you after unzipping them on to my SD Card. On installing the velvet.apk, it reported parsing error. I tried PrebuiltGmsCore.apk, it installed well..!! I tried GoogleHome.apk, it reported the same parsing error. Kindly give me the files that will upgrade my KARBONN A111 with Kit Kat 4.4 and oblige.


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