How to Improve Graphic Card Performance on an Android Phone

Smartphones have become increasingly powerful with the passage of time. Gone are those days when the only games that could be played on a phone were Snake and Tetris. The smartphones of today are full-fledged computers that can handle a wide variety of applications, not to mention games.
But some phones especially those with a weaker graphics card or as it is often in such cases, a GPU can have trouble playing some high end games. They can handle not so graphic intensive online casino games, card games and even point and click games like angry birds with ease.

However, when it comes to titles like Modern Combat, they often experience lag and stutter. Well if you are suffering from the same problem, today I will solve your problem in this article as we show you the best ways to improve graphic card performance in an Android Phone.


While the process for the most part is incredibly simple, we do have a few things that you need to take care of first, before we jump into the process
● You must have developer settings enabled on your Android device

● For the more complex steps you must have root as well as Custom Recovery installed on your phone

Done with both of these? Great let’s begin!

How to Improve Graphic Card Performance in an Android Phone

We will be describing two easy steps to seek out more performance from your Android smartphone. The first one is a lot simpler and doesn’t require a rooted device!

Boost Graphic Card Performance in Android using MSAA

Step 1: The first step in this method is to navigate to developer settings.

Step 2: Then scroll down and search for Force 4xMSAA

Step 3: Click on it!

Step 4: And voila! Your graphics fidelity will increase and Open GL 2.0 apps and games will look much better. Be warned though, your battery life may decrease because of this.

Increase Graphic Card Performance on Android Using Mods

This is one of the more complicated methods and due to the scope of this article, we will only brush through most of them.

Once you have a rooted device, you will basically need to check on XDA Developers for mods that can improve the clockspeed of the processor on your handset.

This method is called overclocking and more often than not needs a custom kernel as well as a custom recovery.

Other than this, there are also several ready to go mods that are made specifically to give your old Android device a bit more graphical juice. We have linked to our top 3 down below.

1. Blend Boosted
2. Hyper Cola
3. Project Fluid


While most of these mods will allow you to play some games on your older devices, remember that software can rarely fix hardware deficiencies.

However if you are stuck in an older device, don’t fret because there are plenty of games with  not so intensive graphics that are a ton of fun to play.

Personally, I’d suggest some card games as I have found that they are a great time waster especially on long commutes. And unlike most heavy games which drain the battery they are light, run fast and are plenty of fun!

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