How to transfer iPhone files to Android

Today most of our valuable information is portable and we carry it with us wherever we go on an iPhone or any other type of smart phones. Either we are taking about calendars, photos, videos, important contacts or messages, all this stored information is accessible to us at any given time through our smart phones or tablets. We can easily see a rise in the market of iPhones, more people purchase them instead of other types of phones, but to be fair, there are two major choices on the phone market the iPhone and the Android. Both of them, have very different operating systems but they are both smart phones. They can help you carry and access your important information around no matter where you travel. However, a problem does occur once you switch from one operating system to another. For instance, if you are currently using the iOS and want to make a crossover to Android, you might need to transfer your data from one device to the other. Below you will find a few tips and advice on transferring data, photos, calendars, videos and non-purchased music from your iPhone to your Android device.

Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android with iCloud

In order to transfer your iPhone contacts to Android, you have to follow a certain set of steps since your private data like contacts, messages or mails need to be converted to a format which the Android operating system is able to read


In order to sync your personal data with Google Contacts so you can transfer them from you iOS to Android, you have two ways to so, or with the help of iTunes. If your information on your iPhone is backed up on iCloud then you have to login to your iCloud account first and then click on Contacts where you will find all your contacts from you iPhone backed up in iCloud.

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Press CTRL and A in order to select all contacts and then go to the Settings button on the bottom left and select the Export vCard option

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Login to Gmail go to Contacts, click on Import Contacts and when an alert will appear on your screen, choose the exported vCard file and click Import for all the iPhone contacts to your Google contacts.

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Move Contacts from iPhone to Android with iTunes

In case you already have a Google account and have backed up your iPhone to your PC using iTunes, then there is an easy way to export your contacts and mails to your Google account so you can transfer them to the new device.

Open iTunes and plug in your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable. Select iPhone in iTunes and choose the sync contacts with Google contacts under the Info tab.

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Enter your Gmail username and password, wait for them to sync and then login to your account and go to Gmail > Contacts

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There you will see that all your contacts have been imported to your Google account. Now it is easy to access them with your Android since they have been converted in a format which can be read by another smart phone.

In order to get rid of duplicate contacts click on More and then the Find & merge duplicates

image 7

Now that you have added your contacts from your iPhone to your Google account using iTunes or iCloud you can begin restoring them to your Android phone. Go to Menu. Settings>Accounts and Sync. Click on Add Account and choose Google

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Sign in to Gmail and you will arrive at a page with an option whether you want to sync your contacts into your phone. Click Sync contacts and then click Finish. This action will conclude your contacts transfer from your iOS system to Android.

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Transfer Calendars from iPhone to Android

When it comes down to exporting your calendar and events from iPhone to Android it is a bit more challenging than the contact exporting and for this action you will also need a Google account and to activate the Calendar option. Once this option is activated you can open the Calendar App on the iPhone, choose appointments and select Edit, then select your Google Calendar, so the appointments can automatically sync to Google. This way you get to export your appointments individually and it cloud take some time.

The other method would be to export the Calendar data. Since the Calendar dates are synced in the iCloud, go to iCloud sign in and click on the Calendar. On the left of the Calendar you will see a list, click on the share button next to the calendar you want to export. On the right side there is a pop-up dialogue bubble, choose the Public Calendar, copy the link posted there and send OK.

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Open browser, paste the copied URL, replace the word “webcal” with http and press enter. The file displayed with cryptic series of numbers must be downloaded and saved. You can change the name of the file just keep the ending .ics. These are the exact steps you will need to follow in the future to import your calendar. Now you need to go to Google calendar website, click on the right hand corner, then on Settings, then Calendar and choose import Calendar in the My Calendar subcategory. When you press Choose file, pick the file you just saved with the .ics ending and then hit import. Now that your calendar appointments have been safely  sent to your Google calendar, you may proceed to transfer them to your Android.

Transfer Photos in iPhone Library to Android

Regarding transferring files like photos and videos from iPhone to Android, you need a professional file transfer tool. Leawo iTransfer is the name of the program and you must know that it only works if you have iTunes installed on your PC. Run the program on your PC and connect both your iPhone and Android to the computer. This program will show all your files so you can choose what you want to transfer, it will even show the files that are not synced with iTunes. Then select the files to transfer either by dragging and dropping them to the target folder or by circling the files clicking right Transfer to the target folder.

image 10

Then you will see a pop-up window showing the transferred files and a progress bar. Thus, following these steps you can transfer photos and other documents from your iPhone to your Android.

If you want to transfer non-purchased music or videos from your iPhone to your Android you can use the same conversion program, Leawo iTransfer. Run the program on your PC and plug in your iOS device and Android. The program will detect the iDevice and will show it in the left sidebar. In order to see the content simply click the Music library in iTunes. Press CTRL to select the music you want to transfer then right click the files to Transfer to My Computer.

When the pop-up box appears, check the Save folder and choose the folder on your Android then click Transfer now. Thus, you will see a progress bar once the files start the conversion and transfer from your iOS device to your Android.

Due to different systems, transferring files from iPhone to android is complicated. While if you’d like transfer everything on your iPhone to android with one-click, or looking for other methods, this article can help you, which offers full information on such topic.

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