How to Root/Install Custom Recovery TWRP in Sony Xperia Ion on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware 6.2.B.0.211



Sony Xperia Ion finally makes its way to Jelly Bean community recently with the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.B.0.211 release by Sony.Now its time to Root & Install Custom Recovery in it..So lets do it

BY EditaAndroid

1. Before You Begin:

  1. Only for Sony Xperia SP with Unlocked Bootloader.
  2. Windows-based computer or laptop
  3. Download Sony Xperia SP USB driver for Windows and install in your computer.
  4. Skip this step if you have installed the Sony PC Companion.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your device.
  6. Make sure your phone is charged to 60% 80% to avoid battery blackout and interruption during this tutorial.
  7. We recommend you make a backup on your data and media files before the tutorial.

2. Downloading Required Files:

  1. DooMLoRD 6.2.B.0.203 Custom Kernel + TWRP (ION_DooMLoRD_Ganesh_JB-leak_twrp2.5_kernel.elf | 9.79 MB)
  2. Superuser ( | 1.26 MB)
  3. Stock 6.2.B.0.211 Kernel (LT28h_6.2.B.0.211_kernel.sin | 6.84 MB)
  4. Sony Flashtool (flashtool- | 112.77MB)

3. How to root & install Custom TWRP recovery in Xperia ION:

  1. Unlock Sony Xperia Ion bootloader. Proceed to official Sony website and unlock your device.
  2. Proceed after you have successfully unlocked the bootloader.
  3. With your device turned on, connect to computer via micro USB cable.
  4. Copy and paste to the device’s internal storage.
  5. Unplug your device from computer.
  6. Download Sony flashtool into your computer. Double click on the flashtool.exe file to install. You should see a flashtool folder in C Drive.
  7. Double click on flashtool icon in the folder mentioned in Step 3 to launch flashtool.
  8. Download ION_DooMLoRD_Ganesh_JB-leak_twrp2.5_kernel.elf and LT28h_6.2.B.0.211_kernel.sin, copy to flashtool/firmwares folder in computer.
  9. Power off your device completely.
  10. Enter Fastboot Mode by connecting your device to the computer via micro USB cable while pressing Volume Up button.
  11. On the flashtool windows, click on the lightning icon and click fastboot mode, then “ok”.
  12. Click “Select kernel to Flash” on right side in flashtool.
  13. Browse and choose “ION_DooMLoRD_Ganesh_JB-leak_twrp2.5_kernel.elf ” in the flashtool/firmwares. ION_DooMLoRD_Ganesh_JB-leak_twrp2.5_kernel.elf will be flashed to your device.
  14. Your device should be reboot automatically after flashing elf file.
  15. Press and hold Power button to turn off your device then unplug your device from computer.
  16. Now, turn on your device. When you see TWRP logo, press Volume Up button to boot into TWRP recovery.
  17. From TWRP recovery, choose “install” then followed by “sdcard”. Locate the file and “swipe” to flash it.
  18. After flashing Superuser, press “Home” then choose “reboot to Fastboot”. At the same time, connect your device to the computer via micro USB cable. This will boot your device into Fastboot mode.
  19. On the flashtool windows, click on the lightning icon and click fastboot mode, then “ok”.
  20. Click “Select kernel to Flash” on right side in flashtool.
  21. Browse and choose “LT28h_6.2.B.0.211_kernel.sin” in the flashtool/firmwares. LT28h_6.2.B.0.211_kernel.sin will be flashed to your device. If LT28h_6.2.B.0.211_kernel.sin cannot be found, renamed to kernel.sin.
  22. Reboot your device now.
  23. Download root checker to check your root status.


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