How to Root THL 5000 with Android Version 4.4 Kitkat

Rooting of Android devices is a process by which the users are allowed to gain root access to their Android smartphone and other devices. By rooting, the users can overcome the limitations put on by the manufacturers on such devices. Rooting enables the users to remove the operating system of the Android with a recent version or custom ROM. The users get complete access to their system and can set it to run apps or perform operation as per their choice, without the administrator’s permission.


Step by step guide for rooting THL 5000 with Android 4.4 Kitkat is discussed here. The method used here is TowelRoot application, which can be directly run from your android device, without a computer. TowelRoot is a simple and easy rooting application, developed by George Hotz otherwise known as Geohot, the XDA recognized developer based on New Jersey.

Disclaimer :

You decision to root your phone is critical. You are the decision maker and the only responsible person for any damage caused to your device due to rooting. Benefits are numerous, the process is simple, but with no warranty.

Pros & Cons of Rooting :

  • Rooting enables to installation of custom ROMs in your device and helps to install variety of applications and speedy file systems.
  •  The process is risky because the possibility of damage to the device while replacing the operating system with custom ROM is not ruled out. Nobody shall be responsible for any such damage except the owner of the device.
  •  The main disadvantage is that the users lose their warranty benefits from the manufacturer, because rooting is an unauthorized procedure.

Preparations Before Rooting :

Following points are to be taken care of before starting the rooting process.

  • By rooting, no data will be lost from the device. However, to be safe, it is recommended to take complete back up before the rooting process.
  • Ensure that your smartphone is totally charged.
  • Enable the unknown sources in your device by going to Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown source. Tick the Unknown Source to enable it.

Steps for Rooting :

  • From the browser of your smartphone go to the website Click on “lambda” in red colour in the centre of the page. Now the apk file tr.apk will start automatically downloading to the phone.
  • Click on the application, disregarding any warning signal, and continue the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, the application will be in your App drawer.
  • Now click on the application and open it in your device.
  • Now click on the option “make it rain” which appears in the centre of the screen. Then, the phone will automatically reboot, which means the rooting is successful.
  • Now a new app SuperSU is also installed in you device.
  • To unroot your device at any time, open SuperSU app, click on Settings  and select Full Unroot.

It is always recommended to unroot the device before you want to make any OTA updates on the rooted device, because there is a possibility of developing some problems in the rooted device after it receives OTA updates.

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