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The original Google Nexus 7 by Asus really kickstarted the market for the mini tablet, and was launched well before Apple’s iPad mini, pitting it against the Kindle Fire. With this second generation, Google has really declared war on the iPad mini – and with a screen that’s the highest resolution in its class.

While Apple reportedly struggles to make a mini with a Retina display, Google and Asus have unleashed the new Nexus 7 2 with a jaw-dropping 1920×1200 display such to turn Apple green with envy.

In fact, it’s not just the screen that’s had a major upgrade. Gone is the slightly tacky rubber back, replaced with a much smoother, grippy rear surface and new, sleek black lines that make this look, well, cool – something unheard of in the Android tablet market until now.

The Nexus 7 is, without doubt, the best non-Apple tablet on the market. The speed, screen and attention to detail make it head and shoulders above the rest, and nipping at Apple in terms of design and feel.

It’s easy to use and hold in one hand, and thanks to the placement of the speakers, also an excellent portable media viewer, managing to eclipse even the Kindle Fire HD and the bedtime tablet of choice (and much more portable than the iPad 4, Apple’s big boy tablet which has a comparable Retina screen).

For owners of the original Nexus, this is also worth a look – it’s a complete overhaul rather than an upgrade, and one look at the gorgeous screen in action will have you rushing to Google’s site to order.

And today we will show you how to root and install recovery in this device….

1. Before Your Begin:

  1. This method is tested on Google Nexus 7 2013 only (Please don’t try on other devices or Contact us for tutorials for you device).
  2. Your Device Bootloader must be unlocked.Follow This method for unlocking
  3. You Need a Windows based PC or Laptop for this procedure.
  4. Enable USB Debugging in your device (Don’t Know How To??? Follow this)
  5. Download & Install Google Nexus 2013 USB Drivers and then connect you device with PC for complete the installation.
  6. Your device must be charged 50% minimum,If not please charge your device first.
  7. Make a Backup of your device data for safety.

2. Download Required files:

  1. TWRP Touch Recovery ( .Img file)
  2. SuperSU (Zip file

3.  Install Of Custom TWRP Recovery in Nexus 2013:

  1. After Unlocking of Bootloader its time to flash Custom recovery.
  2. Download TWRP Recovery Img file in your PC and rename it recovery.img
  3. Copy the recovery.img file in C:\fastboot\win32\  folder.
  4. Connect you device to PC with USB Cable.
  5. Open the folder C:\fastboot\win32\  and Press & hold Shift button and press Right Click of mouse and select Open Command Window Here.
  6. Now type adb reboot bootloader in cmd for booting your device into bootloader mode OR you boot it by pressing & hold Volume Down + Power Button.
  7. Now when your device Bootloader mode connect it to PC  with USB cable.
  8. Type  fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and hit Enter.
  9. Custom Recovery will be flashed to device.

4. How To Root Nexus 7 2013:

  1. Download SuperSU package from Download Section above.
  2. Copy it to the Root of Internal/External memory.
  3. Connect you device to PC with USB Cable.
  4. Open the folder fastboot from C drive and Press & hold Shift button and press Right Click of mouse and select Open Command Window Here.
  5. Now type adb reboot recovery in cmd for booting your device into bootloader mode OR you boot it by pressing & hold Volume Down + Power Button and you are in Bootloader Mode now press Volume Down twice and select Recovery Mode by pressing Power Button.
  6. Select Install in Recovery Mode,Now locate & Select SuperSU zip file.
  7. Now Swipe to Confirm Flash (It is for confirmation Swipe it).
  8. It take less than a minute to process and you should see a Success message.
  9. Now Reboot your device.

Congrats!!! you Nexus 7 2013 is rooted now…

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