8 Best Browsers For Android That You Must Use From Today

The advent of internet and smartphones is nothing short of revolutionary. Today, the majority of the population is reliant on their phones to get them through their day. While customers have a choice between different brands, Android is a staple of most phones available on the market and software developers are busy creating the perfect browsers for everyone. Your phone browser is something that you use on a daily basis and sometimes Google alone isn’t enough for your browsing needs. In this post, we have compiled a list of 8 best browsers on the app market today:

1. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox has been a trusted web browser used by millions of people around the world. Firefox for Android has been built ion the same lines and comes with a familiar look and feel. The homepage definitely looks easy to navigate and is convenient to open all your top visited websites, recent history, and bookmarks. It also has a private browsing tab to ensure that your browsing history stays private. The add-ons are also particularly interesting for the mobile version of Firefox where you can use customized themes, password managers and also make use of ad-blockers. You can now also sync all your mobile data with your PC and laptop for easier use.

2. UC browser:

UC browser comes loaded with a variety of features and happens to be one of the best browsers in the android market. It comes with a slick and efficient UI which the developers keep updating on a regular basis. Users in particular like UC browser’s powerful download manager that helps you download audio, video and other different places from the web with ease. Some other features of UC browser include auto page loader, speed mode for a slow lagging network, text-only mode etc which are efficient in every way once a user gets a hang of it. Well, browsing is only fun when you have the best phone at your disposal. You can get good deals on the latest phones on OZCodes.com.au

3. Samsung Internet Browser:

Samsung Internet Browser has been raking up quite some good reviews for itself as it is easy to use and comes with a convenient navigation feature which includes some cool features like a video assistant which makes your video watching endeavor a complete breeze. There is also a built-in ad blocker within the browser that ensures that your browsing is safe and privy. For Samsung users, the launch of this browser has been a real deal breaker as it’s the only browser that works well with the company’s Ultra Power Saving Mode.

4. Opera:

Opera is a fan favorite amongst all the browsers due to its sleek design and easy to user interface. It comes with a number of preloaded features like built-in ad blocking, data saving mode and the zoom feature which is quite the highlight of Opera browser. The browser is intelligently designed to fit your text screen and comes with a text wrap. Users of the browsers have sworn by its data optimizing capabilities.

5. Brave Browser:

Brave Browser is one of the new kids on the block being launched in 2016. The choice of name certainly appeals to many users but the browser has a distinct persona about it. Some of the browser features include per setting optimization, a handy feature that boasts optimizations and improves battery life and speed. You can also block third-party cookies and block script. The browser also has basic features like quick checks of bookmarks and recent history and private incognito mode.

6. Ghostery Privacy Browser:

How about having a browser that is completely dedicated to your privacy online? Let the Ghostery privacy browser do the job for you. Once you open the browser, you are automatically greeted with an option of blocking trackers on the websites that you visit. Other features of the app include pop-up blocking, auto-complete options etc. Ghostery also allows users to request for a website’s desktop site for any webpage. You can also block cookies on your phone and remove traces like browsing history, caches, and cookies on exit.

7. Javelin Incognito Browser:

Javin is short for the Javelin Incognito browser and adds another dimension to your online security. With Javin, you get an option to browse the internet in an incognito mode always. The app also comes with a paid up version of the “Spirit” mode that comes with a $1.99 a month and brings forth features like super fast private proxy tunnel and private browsing. For users who are hesitant about the app, they can try their 1-month free subscription.

8. Dolphin Zero Browser:

The Dolphin Zero browser is a lightweight browser which comes with features like gesture and flash support plus additional add-on support. Other features remain quite similar to incognito variant while the browser also deletes everything from your phone once you exit the browser.A must try for people seeking alternative options.

So there you have the 8 best browsers for your android phones today. Be sure to check them all out today.

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