5 No-Nonsense Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Spyware

With every passing day, mobile apps are becoming more present among smartphone users. Whether its

social networking, chatting, entertainment or eavesdropping on someone, apps are allowing us to

accomplish all sorts of tasks. Today, parents, suspicious spouses and employers no longer need to hire

private detectives to keep tabs on their loved ones or employees. Thanks to mobile phone tapping apps

now they are doing their own detective work. The best part is using a mobile spyware is not that

complicated, you just need to install the software on the target device and before you know it, you’ll be

monitoring texts, calls, social media and lot more. However, since you have paid a price to get these

services, it is essential to know how you can get the most out of these apps. Since a high percentage of

spy app users aren’t fully aware of their features or benefits. Here is how you can make hay while the

sun shines:

1. Instead of Jailbreaking Use a No-Jailbreak Spy App

The jailbreaking process allows users to remove software restrictions on iOS devices which are imposed

by the manufacturer. The modification enables you to install apps that aren’t from Apple App Store.

Although removing the restrictions gives you a lot of freedom, but it has some serious consequences.

Here is why Apple prohibit users from jailbreaking their iOS devices:

i. It takes way extra layers of protection from iOS and makes the device vulnerable to various

security threats.

ii. It paves way for instability of iOS and installed apps.

iii. Jailbreaking can also cause disruption in some services.

iv. Users won’t be able to apply future OS updates once the device is jailbroken.

v. It can quickly drain the battery as App Store applications are specifically designed to deliver

optimal performance.

So it’s better to use a no-jailbreak version of Xnspy than jailbreaking your precious iPhone or iPad.

Unless you know what exactly you are doing.

2. Instead of Monitoring Every Move Set Geo-fencing Alerts

If there are certain places, you want your loved ones to stay away from or just want to ensure that your

office staffs are attending a convention at a certain venue, you can rely on Xnspy’s geofencing feature to

stay on top of things. The advanced monitoring software lets you set alerts for both check-in and

checkout on defined places and make your employees and offspring stay away from specific areas or

visit those geofenced spaces. Now you won’t have to keep eyes on every single move your employees or

kids make.

3. Instead of Reading Every Text Message Define Suspicious Words

Want to keep track of certain activities that concerns you the most? Add specific callers, phrases, and

names of places to your watch-list and protect your loved ones from bullies or pedophiles. The

functionality can also prove handy for employers in finding the mole who is selling their trade secrets to

competitors. So set alerts and stay abreast with things.

4. Online or Offline, Keep Track of The Target 24/7

With a sophisticated mobile phone tapping app, you can know the whereabouts of the target even if he

or she is offline. The offline mode enables you to collect data the moment the target device establishes

an internet connect. Didn’t know about this feature? Well, a lot of people don’t know about this

functionality. Owing to the fact that spy applications have an extensive array of features and it’s hard to

highlight each of them. This often leaves a lot of people in the dark.

5. Instead of Default Settings Choose Preferences That Suit Your Needs

Opt for a spying solution that enables you to configure the settings according to your spying needs. This

is an excellent feature because it lets you choose the information you want to see. It saves a great deal

of time and keeps you focused on the things that worry you the most.

Aside from using these tips and tricks, you also need to make sure that the device you intend to track

should be compatible with your preferred spy software before installing it on the device. Wondering,

how you can do that? Spy app developers list all the operating systems on their websites that their

product supports to help potential customers gauge the compatibility. So visit their site and see if it

works on your device. Once you are done with this, then check out if the target device has an active

internet connection (cellular data or Wi-Fi). Else, you won’t be able to download and install the program

on the device. Even if you managed to install the spyware somehow without a permanent internet

connection you won’t be able to upload and see the monitored data. Because it requires an internet

connection to collect the data from the monitored device.

People who buy spy apps without knowing their monitoring needs often repent on their decisions. So

it’s important that one should identify their monitoring needs prior using that debit card. Because each

software differs from other in terms of features, pricing, and compatibility, which makes it important to

know exactly what you are getting for your money. Generally, all these apps have similar features but

some come with additional advanced features like live call recording and phone surround recording. Pick

the one that best meets your needs. An ideal way to pick the best spy app is by viewing ranking and

customer recommendations.

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