5 Best (Top) Custom Roms For Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

A stock ROM is the version of the phone’s operating system that comes with your phone when you buy it.

A custom ROM is a fully standalone version of the OS, including the kernel (which makes everything run), apps, services, etc – everything you need to operate the device, except it’s customized by someone in some way.

So what does the “customized” part mean? Since Android is open source, developers are free to take stock ROMs, modify them, strip them of garbage, optimize them, add things, and pretty much do whatever their imagination and skills allow.



Well If you ask me which one you like?? I will go with Custom Roms because they are just superb…:D

So, Here i am providing you list of best custom roms available for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

Please note that you device must be Rooted & have Custom Recovery installed in it.Click Here if you don’t have

1. Slim Bean Rom:

Slim Bean Roms is available for almost all high end devices available on market.Slim Bean is one of the most popular custom roms available for Android devices.Slim Bean is also available for Samsung Galaxy S3 now.This roms are developed by Slim Bean Team.

Some Features Of Slim Bean Rom:

  1. The Real Dark Slim
  2. Notification drawer Shortcuts
  3. Full hardware key rebinding!
  4. Keyboard rotation
  5. SlimCenter

You can check all the details & Download link Here


2.  Avatar Rom :

Its is also very popular custom rom for Android devices.This Rom will provide you Theme chooser it means you can change the whole look and icons of your device.Avatar Rom comes with their own Bazooka Launcher.You can also change fonts of your device without rebooting.One more thing that make him special is their theme editor.I mean you can edit your theme collection according to you.

Features Of Avatar Rom:

  1. Theme Chooser
  2. Bazooka Launcher
  3. Theme Editor
  4. New Lockscreen
  5. New Status bar
  6. New Messaging App

You can check all the details & Download link Here


3. Android Revolution HD Rom:

Android Revolution is very popular in HTC Devices.It make your device very fast & stable.It doesn’t change make any visual changes in your device.It just boost performance for stock rom and make him more fast & stable.It provide full Touchwiz interface nothing special in visual.

Features Of  Android Revolution:

  1. RAM Optimization
  2. Bloatware Applications removed
  3. Fully optimized & tweaked
  4. Excellent Battery life
  5. Fully De-Odexed

You can check all the details & Download link Here


4. Omega Roms For Samsung Galaxy S3:

Omega rom is based on Android 4.2.2 jellybean.It is the most popular rom for Samsung galaxy S3.Main and good thing about Omega rom is that it comes with Aroma installer.It means your rom installation is fully customizable you can select what to install in your device.Omega Rom is also very fast and stable for Samsung Galaxy S3.

Features Of Omega Rom:

  1. Android 4.3 Camera & Photoshare app
  2. Bloatware Removed
  3. Omega Setting with really nice options
  4. Modded Youtube can download videos
  5. Note 2 Popup Browser
  6. Black Statusbar

You can check all the details & Download link Here


5.  Liquid Smooth Rom:

Liquid smooth rom is also based on Android 4.2.2 jellybean for Samsung Galaxy S3 . Liquid Smooth is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project.Dedicated to providing users with smooth, stable and fast Roms.It comes with theme chooser also and its good.You can also customize lockscreens,statusbar in this Rom.As its name is showing it will provide you really fast and smooth experiance.

Features Of Smooth Rom:

  1. Customizable Lockscreen
  2. Transparent Navigation & Status Bar
  3. Theme Engine
  4. Fast & Stable
  5. Good Battery life

You can check all the details & Download link Here

So this are some good custom rom for Samsung Galaxy S3…If you have any question related to this please comment below

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